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(Sunglasses: Charming Charlie’s  Top: Plato’s Closet-Lauren Conrad  Dress & Belt: Clothing Exchange  Shoes: Goodwill-Banana Republic)

I love my middle name. In fact, I love it so much (combined with the fact that NO ONE can pronounce my first name) that when I go to restaurants and they ask for my name, I tell them it’s Annie (my middle name is Anne, but I love Annie as a first name…and don’t you think I look like an Annie?). I also love to know people’s middle names. I am a middle-name-knowing-hoarder. I can’t stand when people don’t have middle names. It’s like life has not been fair to them and dealt them the short stick. I say, if your parents did not take the time to bless you with a middle name, then make one up! Or I’ll make it up for you…because we all know how much I love to name things. 😉

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  1. ok, Rena, here is one for you…. this baby… is another little princess… due Nov 14th. We like Danielle for a first name but I am finding that nothing really flows well with it. I do like to incorporate family names… which you will have a hard time knowing 🙂 but WHAT the heck goes well with Danielle? I have thought of Lynn… but then I think it’s too many Ls… Grace… but I just don’t know… May (family name) could work… Sarah’s middle is Jane (Sarah Jane is a family name).. we could just give them both the same middle name…? HELP! lol!

    • Dude! I am so lame for not answering this sooner. When are you due? What about Evelyn (an alternative to Lynn), Yvonne, Elaine, Marie or Nicole. Of course I don’t know what your family names are, but those are my suggestions. Congrats on your second!!

  2. I always wanted an “e” on the end of my middle name, Ann!

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  4. I like my middle name, although it’s a bit common. Can you guess what it is?
    Besides that, I’m in love with the dress. It’s so pretty. I’ve always been a fan of dresses lower in the back than the front. It looks great.
    I’d love if you could check out my blog. Thanks in advance.


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