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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Home Stretch

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(Sunglasses: Ross-Fossil  Shirt & Beaded Necklace: consignment store  Gold Necklace: Cookie Lee  Skirt: GAP  Shoes: Ross-Naturalizer)

Well, my friends, I am in the home stretch. The light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. I have FIVE days until my due date (May 24th) and I am trying to be calm about it. For some reason, I’ve been a bag of nerves about this delivery, which makes absolutely no sense since I’ve had two perfectly normal, fairly quick labors already. If you are the praying kind, I desire your prayers for me as I deal with these anxieties and as our family is going to be a whole person larger in (most likely) less than a week. Can’t wait to post some baby pics up for y’all!

Poetry And Other Useless Things

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(Scarf: Ross  Sunglasses: Charming Charlie  Dress: Old Navy Maternity  Shoes: Nordstroms (Seychelles))

Let’s go back in the day to 1996, when I was in 10th grade Honors English and we were required to write poetry for an assignment. Well, being the stubborn Scottish girl that I am, I flat out refused. This probably wasn’t the best idea seeing as it got me kicked out of Honors, but I just couldn’t bring myself to understand poetry, let alone write a poem (unless they wanted something like “The fat cat and the rat sat on the mat”). Poetry didn’t make any sense to me. I wish someone would have told me then that music lyrics are a form of poetry because THAT makes sense to me. Back when my husband and I started dating, he would text me music lyrics, but I totally thought he was writing me poetry and you can’t believe how absolutely talented I thought he was. Ha! If I could go back to my sophomore year, I would have turned to the musicians for help writing that dumb assignment and maybe would have kept my lazy butt in Honors for the rest of my high school career. Blerg.

6 Easy Hairstyles To Do While Running Out The Door

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I know how it is to run out of the house and realize that you haven’t brushed your hair…or your children’s hair for that matter. (Maybe there’s a reason God has blessed me with little boys….)

I also know how tempting it is to hit the snooze button two, okay…five times before you’re rushing out the door with only enough time to make sure you have the same shoes on. But I know that any outfit, no matter what you have on, will look that much more spectacular if you have your hair done.

Here are six easy hairstyles that can make you look incredibly put together, but only take a couple minutes to accomplish. [Continue reading over at…]