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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Classy Casual

This outfit is classy casual. This dress is one I’ve worn to a wedding before, but here with a sweatshirt, tights and oxfords it’s perfect to wear to work.

Plus it’s so comfy.

photo 2-3

DIY Beaded Necklace



I am not a good DIYer.  I have a severe worry of messing up a project and therefore wasting the money I spent on supplies.

When I saw Andrea’s post on this beaded necklace, I was inspired to try.

Jewelry Mess

I went to my local craft store and bought the only beads they had. Next time I think I’ll try to buy some prettier beads online.

Jewelry Necklace 2

I am incredibly happy with how these turned out and they weren’t difficult AT ALL.

Jewelry Necklace 1

And they made perfect gifts to give away for Christmas.

Jewelry Earrings

I also bought a ton of these flowers from Pick Your Plum (best craft site ever!) and super glued them to some earring posts. These were perfect gifts for my son’s preschool teachers.

So the moral of the story is…don’t let your fear or perfectionism hold you back from trying because you might just end up with something really pretty. 🙂

Throw Away 50 Things

Hi, my name is Rena and I am a hoarder.

Okay, so I wouldn’t say I’m 100% a hoarder, but I definitely have hoarder tendencies.

I want to say it got passed down to me by my depression-era surviving grandma and a mentality of completely finding every use possible for the things you own.

Well, this girl just happened to marry a boy who is a 100% purger. He throws stuff away before he’s even done using it. No joke.

My cousin sent me a link to this article from the Art of Doing Stuff blog.

I’ll admit when I first read “Get rid of 50 things” I was taken back.

50 things?!! I mean, maybe I can get rid of 20 things, but 50?! That’s a ton!

After days weeks of pondering about this and thinking of things I could get rid of, I took a box and wandered around my house filling it up with things I don’t need.

This process probably took me a half an hour and here’s what I collected.

50 Things 2

50 Things 1

And do you know what my total was? 54 things!!!!

It was so easy and I could totally keep going!

Plus, that doesn’t even include the gigantic amount of clothes I am getting rid of/selling.

I challenge you to get rid of 50 things. It’s completely freeing.

Go. Now. Do it!