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Monthly Archives: November 2014

I Feel Like A Frog In A Pot Of Boiling Water




(Shirt: clothing exchange  Necklace, Skirt & Shoes: Plato’s Closet)

I love Facebook. I love the ability to stay in touch with people and spread word of things quickly. But I’m wondering why Facebook has felt the need to change so much. Little by little, they’ve taken things away, so now we are left with a completely different Facebook than we started with. In fact, I hardly remember the Facebook I started with, but I DO remember that I liked it better. Just bring it back!!!

Ten Facts




(Earrings: gift  Sweater & Bracelet: clothing exchange  Dress: Old Navy  Belt: Goodwill              Heels: Ross-Banana Republic)

Ten Random Facts About Me:

1-I used to sell the sandwiches from my lunches in elementary school to the highest bidder. They were that good. I guess my mom just has a knack for making stellar sandwiches.

2-Jesse (my husband) is the one and only person I’ve ever kissed.

3-I am crazy decisive and love making decisions.

4-I have a talent at rewriting the words to songs. Wayne Brady ain’t got nothing on me.

5-I’ve never been in a limo.

6-I hate having my sheets tucked in because it is absolutely necessary for one foot to escape at any given moment.

7-Just the thought of going “caving” or scuba diving gives me a panic attack, which leads me to believe I’m more claustrophobic than I ever knew. On the flip side, I would go skydiving in a heart beat.

8-I’m a lousy gardener…oh wait, everyone knows that. 😉

9-I worked at a restaurant after college and hated it.

10-We didn’t have TV growing up, so I am now a bit addicted to watching television.

Dapper Gents




(Jacket: GAP  Sweather: thrifted  Necklace: instagram shop  Skirt: Plato’s Closet  Boots: consignment store-Frye)

If you know me in real life, you know that I have super random, crazy thoughts ALL the time. Here’s one of the latest:

I love seeing the Mormon boys (I realize they are all men, but they’re all younger than me, so I guess I can call them boys…yikes, I’m old) walking around town. They look so cute in their white shirts and ties. And I thought, what if they wore bow ties instead? Wouldn’t that be the cutest thing? They would be the most dapper gentlemen ever!