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Monthly Archives: October 2014

A Letter To My Toes




(Dress: instagram shop  Necklace: inherited from grandma  Shoes: Ross)

Dear Toes,

I’m so sorry that you have to be connected to my feet. I know this means that you will constantly be kicked into unsuspecting doors and cabinets. Sometimes I’m a little shocked that you are still connected to my body. I’m sure it must suck to continually be getting hurt, so I promise to always try to pamper you by getting pedicures and making sure you are shiny and pretty, even if you’re black and blue.


Your pathetic, klutzy owner

My Medium




(Jacket: Target  Dress: thrifted  Necklace: Coldwater Creek  Shoes: JustFab)

We had a pumpkin carving party at a friend’s house yesterday. Every year I dread having to carve a pumpkin. But then once I get into it, I remember how much I love getting elbow deep in pumpkin guts and taking the quiet time to carve out my design. I am not an artist at all, but if I was…pumpkins would definitely be my medium. Forget oil paints and marble sculpting. I’m all about displaying my art on a beautiful orange squash. Oh, and I used my new Scoop Loop from Pampered Chef to dig out the seeds and it worked brilliantly! Happy Monday!





(Earrings: Target  Shirt: Clothing Exchange  Skirt: Ross  Boots: thrifted)

I am so tired. I wake up in the morning and feel like I haven’t slept at all. I’m pretty sure my brain just won’t turn off. I woke up this morning with bags under my eyes for the very first time. I know that it’s common for people to get bags under their eyes, but somehow I have gone 33 years without ever having them. Ugh. Praying I can shut off my thoughts this weekend.