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(Earrings: swap meet  Blouse: Hut 8-Bisou Bisou  Belt: Lands End Canvas  Dress: anthropologie  Booties:

My husband is the most trustworthy man I know…except when I have something in my teeth. I constantly ask him after I’ve eaten if I have stuff in my teeth. And more than once, he says I am “fine” only for me to later discover I have a tiny piece of black pepper stuck between my front tooth and gums. In his book this is “fine”, but in mine, it is not okay. Thankfully I have my incredibly trustworthy reverse iPhone camera to make sure I really am “fine”, since I HATE talking to people and later finding out I have nasty objects obstructing my smile.

Open Mouth, Insert Everything




(Blouse: Plato’s Closet  Hat, Vest & Shoes: thrifted  Skirt: GAP)

My son is nine months old. I love this stage. He crawls around everywhere, has started doing funny things to make us laugh and his language skills are expanding daily. But I am totally over his “learning by putting everything in his mouth” stage. Because he crawls everywhere (and super fast too…his older brother calls him a “baby cheetah”), he finds stuff that we don’t in little crevices and under tables and shoves it in his mouth. He is also so grabby, so eating any of your own food around him is nearly impossible.

Inspiration Is Everywhere!





(Blouse: Target  Necklace: instagram shop  Skirt: Hut 8  Shoes: Hand Me Down)

There is inspiration everywhere! I find most of my outfit ideas from magazines (like this one above, which was part of an ad), Pinterest and TV. Finding new outfits to try is not just a great way to stretch yourself out of your “style comfort zone”, but also to find new ways to use the items you already have in your wardrobe.

I CHALLENGE YOU to put together a new outfit, take a pic of yourself in it and also send me a pic of the outfit that inspired you. Then send the two pics to my email at

Send the pics by Monday, March 2nd and I’ll post some of your fun outfit pics to inspire others! Let’s rally!