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How To Make Skinny Jeans

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For my blog post over at Life As Mom this month, I turned this pair of pants into some lovely skinny jeans.


Head on over to read the full post. 🙂

Scarf Up-Do

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During hot summer months, do you find yourself turning to the ponytail as a quick up-do to get your hair off your neck?


Well, here is a super easy alternative.

All you need is a scarf (or long piece of fabric) and a hair clip. If you’re clever, you could probably get the same effect with a hairband or bobby pins.


Start by tying the scarf around your head, leaving your hair hanging down your back. If your scarf isn’t that long, start tying in the back, so it’ll be able to tie at the top of your head.


Tie in a knot or bow at the top of your head a little off to the side. Looks good just like this, right? I would agree if it was Fall, but my neck is screaming at me that it’s hot, so let’s continue…


Twist the remainder of your hair into a slight bun and clip it at the top. If you feel so inclined, leave some hair hanging free in the front. The messier the better, in my opinion.


Then tuck the clip into the scarf to hide it. And you’re done!


How easy was that? And super stylish!


Hope you’re enjoying your summer and spending as much time outdoors as possible!

Happy Fashion Friday!

Pinterest Project Prospects

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How do you like my title alliteration?

I worked on a DIY post for Life As Mom today (coming next week) and it got me thinking of all the other projects I would like to attempt some time this summer.


1. Simple Bows – You know how much I love bows! I should make some of my own.


2. 6 Strand Flat Braid – I can’t wait to make some super glam friendship bracelets!


3. Double Braid – How cool is this? I wonder if I could do it to my hair?


4. Tie Dye with Sharpies – I have two white v-necks just waiting to be prettied up.


5. Sun-Dyed Fabric – Imagine the possibilities!


6. Lace Pockets On Colored Jeans – Looks super easy, but adds great new detailing to your butt. 😉


7. Bleach Pen T-Shirts – So easy. Not sure what design I would choose to bleach.


8. High-Waisted Sash Skirt – I am an amateur sewer, but I think I could manage this.

Happy Fashion Friday!