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(Blouse & Watch: Target  Dress: birthday gift  Necklace: instagram shop  Shoes: thrifted)

I just started noticing something…I have a slight obsession with dimples. Not dimples in cheeks though, CHIN dimples. My grandpa had one, so I think I associate chin dimples with super awesome, kind people. Start looking around and see who has them. I’ve been seeing a lot of actors on TV that have them and it makes me want to be friends with them. If you have a chin dimple and we are having a conversation, you may need to remind me that your “eyes are up here” because I’ll probably be staring at your awesome chin.

Style Blogger Interview: The Girl With The Smile

I had so much fun this past month and a half interviewing some awesome style bloggers, that I figured I would “interview” myself. I thought it might be a fun way for some of you readers to get to know me better. So here it goes…


How would you describe your style? 

I would describe my style as colorfully classic. I love styles that work with my curvy figure, so I tend to wear a lot of dresses and skirts, but also love to mix stuff up and do things that would be unexpected, so I guess you could call my style funky feminine.

How/why did you start your blog?

I used to have a photography business, so I had a blog to post clients’ pictures. Life got too busy and I ended up stopping doing portrait shots, but I was still paying for my blog, so I implemented “Fashion Friday” where I posted all the pictures of my outfits from the week. It has since grown from there and I spread it out throughout the week, but I also love to have a place that is all my own to do whatever I want with it. I’ve found it’s a wonderful little creative outlet.

What is the biggest challenge about having a style blog?

I think the hardest thing is having my picture taken all the time. My sweet husband is my photographer 99.9% of the time, but it’s a challenge on time for when to take the pictures because usually I’m rushing out the door in the morning and then am dead tired by the time I get home, plus I don’t look as fresh and pretty. Also, it’s hard to keep coming up with interesting content for Fashion Friday, especially when being a mother and a full-time employee takes up a good portion of my brain space.


How has your style changed/evolved since you started your blog?

I think I try to plan my outfits more than I used to and also incorporate my accessories into my outfits more than I used to. I also take the time to recreate outfits I’ve been inspired by.

Where do you get outfit ideas from?

I rip outfit pictures I like out of magazines I look at (Lucky, Seventeen, People Style, In Style) and keep them in a 3-ring-binder in clear sheet protectors to flip through. I also go through my Pinterest board and look at new ideas when I’m feeling uninspired.

Who has been your fashion inspiration?

My cousin Emily has been a huge inspiration in my life. She is incredibly fashionable. She is the kind of person who can pick up something that others would deem “ugly” or “strange” and then totally make it work. She has outstanding confidence and always looks good.


If you could have any clothing item right now, what would it be?

I’ve been looking for a good pair of brown or black high heeled oxfords similar to these. I am also interested in purchasing some printed skinny jeans.

What are some favorite fashion tips/tricks you would pass on to a little sister or your future daughter?

I think the biggest piece of advice would be to dress for your body type. This is an especially hard thing to grasp, especially as you grow and mature. I remember waking up with giant hips one day in eighth grade and having to shop in the women’s section where my mom bought me pleated mom jeans (AAHH!!!). I have now grown to love my curvy figure, but it took me a while to appreciate and learn how to dress. I also think it’s a huge accomplishment to build a confidence in your daughter where she has the ability to wear what she loves and not care what people think of her. I hope someday I can instill this confidence in my future daughter.


What’s your biggest fashion mistake?

Feel free to see the hall of shame pics here. I think the outfit that makes me groan the most, was a turtleneck under corduroy overalls, which I wore almost every other day. My 9th grade homecoming dress was also pretty disgusting. I guess there was a reason I didn’t date in high school. Ha!

What’s your favorite place to shop?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE thrift store shopping. It is truly retail therapy to take hours just skimming through previously owned racks looking for treasure. My favorite thrift stores are Valley Thrift and Goodwill (both in Escondido) and La Tienda in San Clemente. Because of this, I have an incredibly difficult time buying items at normal price. I do also shop at Old Navy, GAP, Target and Plato’s Closet a lot too.

What’s the best way to spend $50?

I would hands down, no hesitation take that fifty dollars to a thrift store where I would get the most amount for my money. I’m all about quantity of clothing over quality (no offense Anthropologie).


What item is without fail, always in your purse?

Besides the usual wallet, phone and keys, I have a ridiculous amount of lipstick choices, plus gum and probably a Matchbox car that was stuck in there by one of my boys.

What do you think are five key pieces every woman should own?

A pair of skinny jeans that she loves, a solid colored dress that is versatile for casual and dressy occasions, a well made pair of brown, leather boots, a black blazer and a statement necklace (dresses up any outfit in a flash!).

Happy Fashion Friday!

Style Blogger Interview: For The Love Of

I’m interviewing Andrea today from the blog, For The Love Of. I have actually met Andrea in real life and can say she is just as gorgeous in person as she is in all her fabulous pictures. Andrea has a beautiful family and has been eating clean for the past couple of months. Hop on over to her blog to read more about that. Thanks again, Andrea for taking the time to answer my questions!



Me: How would you describe your style?

Andrea: California casual with a flair for feminine touches.  I love subtle pops of color and pattern, or really simple silhouettes that flatter the features I like the most.

-How/why did you start your blog?

Initially it began as a family blog when I was working full time and didn’t have the time to “scrapbook”, which was the big thing at the time.  Then it became as an outlet for my creativity and to keep my brain working, after I quit my job to stay home full time.

-What advice would you give to other mothers about dressing up every day or being stylish?

It takes just as much time and effort to put on a pair of jeans or a skirt, as it does to put on yoga pants.  Dressing shouldn’t be a chore, but something you look forward to everyday.  Women’s biggest complaint is that they don’t have anything to wear, or it takes too much time and brain power to put together an outfit.  But if you build up a closet of key pieces, with whatever your budget may be, it won’t feel so laborious and you’ll actually enjoy getting dressed again.


-What is the biggest challenge about having a style blog?

Finding the time to take outfit photos. I’ve been documenting my outfits for over 3 years now, so I’ve grown picky about where and how I take my photos.  Because of this, timing, lighting, and location don’t often work to my advantage with a husband who works a lot and the schedules of 3 kids.  I’d love to publish more style posts, because I have plenty to share, I just can’t seem to get the timing right.

-How has your style changed/evolved since you started your blog? 

The blog hasn’t changed my style, rather my age, and growing confidence in my taste level, has.  I used to be a lot more influenced by others style.  Now, I may get inspired by others, but I know what I like and I feel good about what I choose to wear the majority of the time.

-If you could have any clothing item right now, what would it be?

A great black leather motorcycle jacket for Fall.


-Who has been your fashion inspiration?

Not that it translates into my personal style at all, because her lifestyle is so vastly different than mine, but I love Taylor Tomasi Hill’s style.  From her hair to her shoes, she’s got killer style.

-What are some of your favorite fashion tips/tricks you would pass on to a little sister or your future daughter? 

Less is more.  Don’t overdo it.  Don’t wear clothes that are too tight or too short.  Wear what you love and don’t fall prey to trends.  I think most women, from the time we’re little girls playing dress-up, have an innate sense of what we love, style wise.  We either listen to it and follow it, or ignore it and let it go quiet, or push it aside and wear what we think we should wear.  Listen to that little voice.

-What’s your biggest fashion mistake?

Buying white fur snow boots.


-What’s your favorite place to shop?

Nordstrom, Madewell, Zara

-What article of clothing do you find you wear on repeat?

Chambray shirt, a couple of great dresses I love.

-Where do you get your outfit ideas from?

Various style blogs, magazines, Pinterest.


-What is the best way to spend $50?

A dress you find on sale, or some new makeup.

-What item is without fail, always in your purse?

Hand lotion – I hate having dry hands.

-What do you think are five key pieces every woman should own?

White button up blouse, a trench coat, great pair of denim, a versatile dress and nude pumps.

Happy Fashion Friday!