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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Lark Versus Owl




(Shirt: clothing exchange  Necklace & Skirt: Goodwill  Shoes: Plato’s Closet)

I am, without a doubt, a morning person. At times, I see this as a curse. I see people sleeping in and get so jealous of their ability to disregard the sun. I am up before sunset (really missed a career path as a farmer). My husband is a night owl. He likes to stay up late, watching movies and playing video games. It is a challenge finding time to hang out with each other. Unfortunately that time usually happens after the kids go to bed, so I end up staying up later than I would like and therefore get less sleep. I have determined, though, that this year I will attempt to go to sleep earlier than him, even if that means we have less hang out time. Because we all know, my brain will still be awake at dawn regardless of when I went to bed.

Married to a Bean Pole




(Jacket & Dress: thrifted  Necklace: instagram shop  Shoes: birthday gift)

My husband is skinny. And not at all by choice. He would love to gain weight if he could. It’s such a weird concept for me, since I am “bigger boned” and pretty curvy and wouldn’t mind having his problem. For the first time in his life, he is actually starting to gain weight. Since I am still trying to shed a couple baby pounds, we have decided to meet in the middle at 148 pounds. I am only five pounds away and he is six. I am determined to win, although going down seems SO much harder than going up. I’ll try to keep you posted on our stiff competition.

Not Dead Yet!




(Hat: Goodwill  Sunglasses: Hut8  Scarf, Dress & Jacket: clothing exchange  Shoes: thrifted)

Hey ya, Party People! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I took a week off for Christmas and that week turned into, well…five. I didn’t mean to stop blogging for that long, but to be honest the break was nice. I wasn’t super busy over the holidays (although my kids have been sick for the last two months…grr!), but never felt the desire to sit at the computer for longer than five minutes. It was lovely. But during that time, I was still creating outfits and taking pictures, so I have stuff to post for your viewing pleasure. And I’m back, fresh and renewed! (And how the heck is it almost February already!?!)