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Hablo Espanol




(Necklace: instagram shop  Shirt: thrifted  Dress: Target  Shoes: thrifted-BCBG)

I took Spanish for four years in high school, three years in college and have traveled to Mexico quite a bit. Plus I live in Southern California, so there is Spanish around me every day. But whenever I’m confronted with an opportunity to speak Spanish with someone, I totally clam up. My brain shuts off, I forget all my vocabulary and verb tenses and I’m just afraid that I will look stupid?! What’s with that?! I really want to be fluent in Spanish and be able to use it, but that’s never going to happen if I never practice. Grr. At least I can speak enough to convince my students that I am fluent, so that they don’t cuss at me or talk about me to each other right in front of me. 😉

And don’t forget to send me a pic at for the “blouse over dress” challenge! You have until this Friday!

Try To Fit Me In A Box





(Earrings: birthday gift  Shirt: Target  Skirt:  Belt: Plato’s Closet  Shoes: thrifted)

I am a tad bit obsessed with personality quizzes. Okay, so I’m obsessed with quizzes in general, but today I’m gonna focus on the Enneagram personality test. Have you heard of it before? Basically it breaks down personality types into nine interconnected personality types. It has been used in workplaces for human relations or you can use it for your own personal development. I feel like my personality is always easy to figure out and I easily “fit in a box”, but it’s fun to see what it says. I suggest you take the quiz here and then read about the three that you scored the most in and read about those to determine which number you are. Can you guess which number I am?

So Fat Thighs Aren’t Cute?!





(Earrings: Costco  Necklace:  Shirt: garage sale  Dress: clothing exchange  Shoes: Birkenstocks)

I’d really like to know at which point things that are SO CUTE when you are an infant become not cute. For example, my four-month-old has squishy, perfect thighs and people constantly comment on how they “want to pinch them”. Well, I’ll tell you, my thighs are every level of squishy as my baby’s, but nobody has ever told me they want to pinch them. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’d like me to just keep them covered up. Ha! Also, why are onesies and footie pajamas not cool when you’re an adult?! How nice if we could wear some footie pajamas on a crisp cool day to work? Glorious.

Don’t forget to get your cute outfit together for the “blouse over dress” challenge and email it to me at

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Making My Own Lyrics Up




(Necklace: instagram shop  Shirt & Skirt: thrifted  Shoes: Plato’s Closet)

I’m gonna toot my own horn right now, so just sit back and listen. I am incredibly skilled at making my own lyrics up to songs. I don’t mean that I sing along to the radio and sing totally wrong words to the original lyrics (although I do that too). I mean that I love making up new song lyrics to popular songs a’la Weird Al Yankovic or Wayne Brady on Whose Line Is It Anyways? If I was a stand-up comedian, I think I would just sing strange “new” songs to my audience. I wonder if Weird Al needs an intern…

The “Blouse Over Dress” Challenge







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photo 1 (10)

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photo 2 (14)

It’s hard to believe that Fall is here already. Especially round these parts where cool weather feels like it’ll never come. To kick start this wonderful season of holidays, cinnamon smelling things, pumpkin everything, sweaters, boots and more, I thought we’d have a little challenge.

Wearing a blouse or shirt over a dress is a great way to not only add layers, but it’s also a perfect way to mix textures and/or patterns. Plus, it might help you get out a fashion rut or find a new use for some articles of clothing you’ve had hanging in your closet for a long time.

I want you to put together an outfit with a blouse, shirt or vest over a dress over the next two weeks and email me a picture of your lovely self at If you’re okay with me sharing your creation, I’ll be posting readers awesome outfits on Friday, October 3rd, 2014. If you’d like, you could also take a pic and post it on instagram and hashtag it #blouseoverdresschallenge.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!! 🙂

Radio Edit




(Necklace:  Dress: Thrifted  Shoes: Instagram shop)

In my very naive bubble, I had no idea that there were radio edit versions of songs and just figured a lot of songs included “ish” in their lyrics. Duh. I am NOT a fan of extensive and unnecessary cussing, especially the “F” word. And it got me thinking, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could “radio edit” everything? Like there was a setting for everyone’s life and you could just turn it on and then you wouldn’t have to listen to foul mouths around you. Or you could set it for your kids, so that you could protect their precious ears? That would be fantastic.





(Shirt: Old Navy  Belt, Skirt & Boots: Thrifted)

I have a new 8th grade student that I met last week and she is a sweet girl. She did however have the brightest blue eyeshadow on and poorly placed lipstick. I want so badly to help her out and then I thought about how awkward I was in middle/high school and how that time in life is such a learning period. The awkwardness and makeup experimentation is such a key part of growing up and I’m so glad that I was so awkward because I’m sure it kept me out of a lot of trouble.