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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Where’d That Bruise Come From?!




(Necklace:  Shirt: consignment store  Skirt: Old Navy Maternity  Shoes: Goodwill)

I’m sure I’ve written before what a total and complete klutz I am. It seems like walls just suddenly appear a millisecond before I run into them or the coffee table comes out of nowhere and takes my pinky toe off. But the worst part is that I will occasionally look down at my arms or legs and see a gigantic bruise and have no recollection of where it came from or when it happened. You see, when you walk into things constantly, it kind of becomes second nature and you forget it even happened. Like right now, I just looked down at my knee and saw a ton of scratches on it, but have no clue how it happened. I swear, if I continue this way, I’m going to break my hip from accidentally falling by the time I’m forty. Good thing I drink a lot of milk to fortify my bones. 😉

Kids And Plants




(Necklace-Goodwill (JCrew)  Shirt: Old Navy Maternity  Dress: HandMeDown  Shoes-eBay (Steve Madden))

For Christmas, one of my husband’s coworkers gave me a lily as a present. This would have been a very thoughtful idea, if it wasn’t one of those “plant yourself and see it grow” kind of projects. I’ve mentioned before how I’m guilty of plant murder. Well, I did my best and I followed all the directions. I watered it, put it out in the sun and after more than a month, nothing happened. So, I did what I do best and completely ignored that sucker. And I went out the other day and realized that it had started to bloom! After I hadn’t watered it for more than a month. What the what?! My husband laughed at my bewilderment and stated, “I think you loved it too much. Plants are like kids, if you ignore them, they will go and do something to get your attention.” Makes perfect sense to me. Aren’t you jealous you didn’t marry such a crazy, insightful guy? 😉

Nesting? Not So Much




(Jacket: HandMeDown  Shirt: GAP Maternity  Necklace: Instagram shop  Pants: Old Navy Maternity  Shoes: eBay-Steve Madden)

I have never been hit by the “nesting” phase of pregnancy. I’m also a person that generally hates to clean. I do it more out of necessity than pleasure. Like today, I hit my limit on how gross my bathroom was (with three guys using it, I’m sure you can get a good visual picture) and finally cleaned it. And then there were the countless chores around my house that hadn’t been done for ages (we had a ridiculous amount of Borax scattered around our windowsills from a massive ant attack back in June…embarrassing). I’m wondering if the nesting stage only hits people who actually enjoy cleaning. That would make a lot more sense.