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Can I Get A Name For Your Order?





(Earrings & Jacket: HandMeDown  Shirt & Ring: Plato’s Closet  Dress: Old Navy Maternity  Shoes: Thrifted)

I’ve mentioned before in a previous post how I use my middle name “Anne” (but I say “Annie”) when I order at restaurants because I figure my real name “Rena” is too difficult for people to spell, let alone pronounce later on. I do this to make it easier on people, but I am SHOCKED at how badly people spell “Annie”. I’ve gotten everywhere from “Ani” to “Any”. But yesterday was the winner. At Rubio’s the clerk took my name and when my food was ready, I almost didn’t hear my order because they were calling out for “Randy”. Really?! Maybe I need to work on my pronunciation?! Am I the problem?!

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