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(Sunglasses: Charming Charlie’s  Necklaces: Cookie Lee  Jacket: Target  Dress: $5 Store  Shoes: Plato’s Closet-MIA)

The other day I was watching an old favorite “Merrily We Live” (you can watch the whole thing on youtube if you haven’t seen it yet…it’s a great film!). Not to give anything away, but in the end there is a hilarious scene where people keep fainting. They yell to each other to “get the smelling salts”! My husband commented on this and said, “How crazy is it that people fainted so much that they kept smelling salts on hand?!” So true. Why did people faint so much back then? Was it the corsets they wore or was there less oxygen in the air? Are we just hardier humans nowadays? So weird.

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  1. It was the corsets, they were known to cause women to faint because they couldn’t breathe in enough oxygen


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