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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Hey There, 2AM!




(Hat: Goodwill-F21  Shirt & Skirt: Old Navy Maternity  Necklace: Noonday Collection  Shoes: Ross)

I have insomnia. Never in my life have I had trouble sleeping. With my other pregnancies, I was so exhausted, I would lay down on any random floor and fall asleep. Not this time around. I am asleep, business as usual, every night, no problem. But then 2am rolls around and it is like someone slapped my brain. I lay there WIDE awake for a couple hours until I can get back to sleep. So incredibly frustrating. And the real annoying part is that I never get tired enough during the day to nap, so I’m just not sleeping. If I didn’t know any better, I would think someone was drugging me with speed or something. Really praying I don’t crash today at work.





(Necklace: instagram shop  Shirt: Old Navy Maternity  Shorts: GAP Maternity  Boots: HandMeDown)

The other day, I was sitting behind my desk when one of my seventh-grade boys walked in. With a very concerned look on his face, he says to me, “Mrs. Frey, I think you should know there’s a rumor going around that you’re pregnant.” I couldn’t do anything but just stare at him. I saw this kid last week?! Was he serious? I looked at my other student in the group sitting at his desk and he just rolled his eyes and said, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure she told us that a while ago.” Ha!! We’ll just say this particular student is in his own world sometimes. When I stood up and showed him my belly he yelled, “What?! When the heck did that happen?!” Oy. At least the gossip about me going around is actually true. And at least my students care enough to talk about me. 😉

Interesting Combination





(Jacket:  Dress: Old Navy Maternity  Boots: eBay)

On Friday, I took banana bread with me to work to eat as my mid-morning snack. In between classes, I ran to the teacher’s lounge to heat it up, slapped some butter on it and ran back to my office. As I was working with my student, I nibbled on it. The banana bread smelled and tasted a little weird. I kept thinking, “Has this bread gone bad already?!” I didn’t see any mold and it didn’t taste moldy, so I ate almost the whole thing. At lunch time, I went again to the teacher’s lounge to heat up my leftover hamburger. As it was heating up, I got the bun out, as well as the mayo to spread on it. Only when I opened the tupperware, I found butter. And that’s when I realized that I had put the mayo on my banana bread. Wow. So gross.

This prego brain is taking me full force. It’s a wonder I am still able to drive. 😉