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(Necklace: thrifted  Shirt: boutique shop  Dress: thrifted  Shoes: Old Navy)

I took honors Spanish in high school and then two years in college. There was a time that I used to speak Spanish pretty well, but it is crazy how quickly you lose it when you don’t use it. Living in Southern California, Spanish is everywhere, so it would be really convenient if I was able to beef it up again. So…I am planning on taking Spanish next semester at my local community college in the Fall. Anyone wanna join me?


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  1. you look adorable! can’t believe it’s a thrifted dress!

    Pls check out my outfit and tell me what you think! 🙂

  2. I would love to take Spanish classes! Especially with you! I have looked at taking them over the summer, but it is always five days a week for three to four hours. Not my idea of summer fun.


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