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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Red Lips

I’m not much of a makeup girl. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t own a ton and LOVE to wear it, it just happens to be the thing that gets “thrown out the window” when I run out of time in the mornings. I have always been a mascara, blush and lip gloss girl though because of how quickly it freshens up my face.

But in the last couple months I discovered red lipstick and I am hooked.

It is so fun and vibrant and instantly makes you looked dressed up, even if you’re wearing sweats.

I recently have been wearing Mary Kay’s lip gloss in Rock ‘N Red and love how bright and glossy it is.

If you haven’t tried red lipstick yet, what’s holding you back?

Give it a try!

photo 2 (10)

photo 1 (9)

Tough and Girly

A little frill toughened up by some black riding boots.

photo 2 (9)

photo 1 (8)

Ring In Spring

Spring is right around the corner and with our weather being completely wacky around here by raining one day and then being 85 degrees the next, it has me ready for warmer weather.

So to get us ready for it, I thought I’d post a couple “springy” dresses that have caught my eye.


This bright beauty is from Old Navy and would look adorable with a straw hat.


From faraway this dress, also from Old Navy, reminds me of a Monet painting.


I think I want this one for my Easter dress!


Some of you asked about where to find a cute maxi dress and I think this one has perfect versatility and looks incredibly comfy.


“Hi! My name is Rena. Welcome to my closet, you pretty little thing!”


This dress is totally out of my price range, but a girl can dream, right? 😉


Andrea from has this dress and it’s so incredibly feminine and flattering.


This dress is so simple and chic AND has pockets!


I’m sold with this dress and it’s gorgeous teal color & pleats.

So, do I have you dreaming of spring and fun flirty dresses? Which one is your favorite?

I wish I could buy them all.

Mixed Textures

What do cotton, leather, polyester, diamonds and sequins have in common?

This outfit.

photo 1 (7)

photo 2 (8)

Out The Door In Five (or 5 Ways To Be Pulled Together In 5 Minutes)

Hop on over to Life As Mom and check out my guest post this month with 5 ways to be pulled together in 5 minutes.

And because any post is boring without pics, here is a picture of my amazing cousin and her fabulous outfit.


Fur Vest

It’s amazing how an item of clothing with no sleeves can keep you so warm.

Plus my two-year-old son gave me a hug this morning and said “You are like a bear.” Ha!

photo 1 (6)

photo 3 (5)

photo 2 (7)

Dress Like A Lady

I love old films. By old I mean really old, like black and white.

Right after I watch an old film, I walk around with the best posture, doing my best to copy the actresses.

I love the styles from the 1930’s to the 1950’s and how unapologetically feminine the outfits were.

They wore dresses and looked like ladies. They were always elegantly dressed with gloves, hats and heels.

I’m sad that we don’t dress like this anymore and that people don’t care as much about their appearance and the statement that it makes to others.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my jeans, but nothing makes me feel more gorgeous than a well-cut dress and heels.

So I encourage you this week to…

Add some femininity to your outfit.

-Dresses are nice because they almost always are cut for a lady’s figure.

-To get an hourglass figure (even if you have to fake it), belt your outfit around your waist.

-High heels make you walk tall and confident (if you need some practice balancing and walking in them, there’s not shame in that, but give it a go). Plus they curve your ankle as to best accentuate your legs.

-Red lipstick is an amazing accessory and will add a little “boom boom pow” to your lips.

-Tuck your shirt into a high waisted skirt. Ladylike and ultra sexy.

Whatever the occasion, pick a day and “dress up”.

I think you’ll be amazed at how girly and cute you can feel.

And if you do decide to add some femininity to your outfit, email me a pic of your outfit at

or snap your picture on instagram and add the tag #ladylikeandlovingit

You can find me on instagram @_thegirlwiththesmile.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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