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(Necklace: Cookie Lee  Sweatshirt: Target  Dress: Kohls-Lauren Conrad  Shoes: Goodwill)

Like I’ve said before, Liam’s teacher is amazing. I’m so thankful that she sends me updates and daily ongoings that happen in their class. Here is one of their latest conversations she emailed me about:

Teacher:  Liam, didn’t you just wash your hands?  Why are you doing it again?

Liam:  Because Mrs. J busted me picking my nose when I thought no one would see me.  She was standing right behind me!

Teacher:  Yeah, we teachers have eyes on everyone all the time…parents do this as well.

Liam:  I know…tell me about it, my mom and dad catch me all the time!

Teacher:  Well, you could think about not picking your nose and using a tissue..

Liam:  That would make way too much sense…

Teacher:  Yup… (and we both laughed)

Oy. That child of mine. He’s hilarious.

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