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(Sunglasses: Charming Charlie  Necklace: Cookie Lee  Sweater: GAP  Shirt: Clothing Exchange  Boots: Nordstrom)

Here’s a fun game to play in the car. Perfect for road trips or just to make your usual everyday drive more exciting.

Your name is your “call in button”. Put your radio on scan (Note: This works better in more urban cities that have a lot of stations, although where I live every other station is in Spanish, so sometimes that plan backfires). In the three seconds or so that it is playing a song, try to be the first to “call in” and name the singer. After you buzz in, you have about a second and a half before the other players are allowed to buzz in and you lose your turn.


(turns radio to scan)

Me: “Rena! Maroon 5!”

And I get a point.

We play it so that if you call a wrong band, then you get a minus point (although we don’t really keep track of points, just the glorious pride of getting it right before your spouse is usually enough of a prize).


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