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My Little Old Man




(Earrings: Cookie Lee  Jacket & Shoes: Thrifted  Dress: Target)

My son’s preschool teacher is amazing. She has this fantastic ability to remember conversations she’s had with him and report back to me. Here was an email I received from her last week:

Yesterday Liam asked me if I was a morning person or a night person? I asked, “What about afternoon person?” He said, “I didn’t think about that…Are you an afternoon person?” I said, ” I am a morning person which is the perfect time for you to get here so that I can spend time with you.” He said, ” I am a morning person, too, and I get up very early…sometimes I stay up late, so I guess I’m a night owl too.” I laughed and said, “You know yourself really well, Liam.” He said, “I live in me, so yeah, I know me.”

Oh that kid. Such an old man in a four-year-old body.



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