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If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put A Bow On It

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(I must be in a Beyonce mood this week, since this is the second week I’ve brought up one of her songs. But they’re so darn catchy!)

I know bows are sometimes considered juvenile or too young for an adult to wear, but I strongly disagree.

Here is my argument FOR the bow and four ways it could be worn:

1. With a bun for a pop of color.


2. Hold hair back slightly on side (this would work great with a set of swoopy bangs).


3. At the end of a braid.


4. At the top of a collar (instant bow tie!)


So…did I sell you? Are you going to start wearing bows?

Happy Fashion Friday!

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  1. really lookimg nice…..

  2. I hate bows! XD … (nothing personal) 🙂

  3. I love the look of the bow in the bun, but I think it is only for some people. I can rock a lot of stuff, and sometimes a bow on a headband, however I don’t think the bow in a bun is for me. Love bows though!

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