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Not A Team Player

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black skirt collage 2 black skirt collage 1

(Blouse (actually a dress): Plato’s Closet  Skirt: Goodwill  Belt: ???  Shoes: HandMeDown (Steve Madden))

I was going to write this post and tell you how non-athletic I am, in my wonderful self-depricating ways. But then I thought about it and realized, I’m not “non-athletic”, I just really suck at team sports. In high school, I ran varsity track with the 100 meter hurdles being my event and I loved it, so I’m fully capable of competing in an athletic event as long as it’s just me and myself to take care of. Don’t get me wrong, I love cheering on my teammates and encouraging anyone, but I’m severely lacking in the competitive category. I don’t really give a darn if we win or lose, I just enjoy playing. When I was in first grade, I played soccer (Go Mermaids!). First off, not too many 6-year-olds are into team sports, but I was the worst. I would stand in the middle of the field, picking flowers and talking to the other team members (“Hi, I’m Rena, what’s your name?”), all while the ball flew past me. So next time we are lined up to choose teams and you’re the team captain, might wanna pass on me and just let me sit on the sidelines with my pom-poms.

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