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Zookeeper Princess

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pink skirt collage 1 pink skirt collage 2(Shirt: HandMeDown  Vest:  Skirt: Styles For Less  Shoes: Thrifted)

Funny story about this outfit…right before I left for work my boys said I looked like a “zookeeper princess”, which was totally the look I was going for. Ha!

I’ve been catching up on my TV shows and I came to a realization: I get extremely anxious whenever there is a scene filmed in a car. The characters might just be having a conversation about a murder case they are working on or about their tumultous relationship as they peacefully drive along, but the whole time I’m sitting there biting my nails just waiting for their car to be hit. Because you know that happens all the time! They are driving along and from out of nowhere someone t-bones them and the scene ends and you are left sitting there in shock wondering if your beloved characters are alright! Am I the only one that does this? Is there a name for this phobia? I deem it “carsceneaphobia”. I’m thinking about getting a prescription for some anxiety meds just to get me through these season finales. 😉

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  1. Deanna Eppley

    Great outfit! Your boys are right on. The color is great!


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