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What My Mom Taught Me About Fashion

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mom collage 1mom & brooch

 This post is majoring lacking in pictures and I apologize. Apparently tracking down pictures of my mom is quite difficult. But I promise you, she has quite the fashion sense. It’s genetic, duh.

Since it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, I wanted to point out a few tips my mom taught me:

-Work your curves. Always accentuate what you got with some well-placed darts and a flared out skirt. (And I’ve inherited quite the curves from her side of the family that I’m quite proud of.)

-Accessorize. My mom is the best at wearing fabulous jewelry, especially pearls.

-Rock bangs, no matter how short they are. If you see in the top right picture, my mom had some shorty bangs. This may have been because my grandma didn’t know when to quit cutting and not because it was the trend at the time…

-Don’t buy anything full price. We ladies love a good sale/clearance rack.


-Wear colors that flatter you. My mom is really good at wearing colors that work well with her skin tone and taught me to avoid colors that make your skin look like you are suffering from food poisoning (for me it’s chartreuse…bleh).

I’m so thankful for her and for the things that I’ve learned from her throughout my life. She is a fabulous mom/grandma and I continue to look up to her, even though she is six inches shorter than me. 😉

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