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Sleeping With A Leech

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(Shirt: Wearing It On My Sleeves  Skirt: Thrifted (used to be a dress)  Shoes: Hand Me Down)

We don’t let our kids sleep with us, but our youngest has been sneaking into our bed early in the morning. Sleeping with him is like sleeping with a leech. I wouldn’t mind cuddling with him if he stayed on his own side of the bed, but insists on shoving his tiny body against me. He might as well be back in utero except that now he has the ability to kick me in the face. He has to always be touching me while he sleeps to confirm that I am still there, but the only thing he is confirming is that I won’t be going back to sleep.

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  1. Oh my gosh! What IS THAT WITH KIDS wanting to keep touching your face when they finally infiltrate the bed!? Amara very rarely gets into my bed but when she does it’s no sleep for me because she keeps touching my face with “Mama, mama….. mama, mama” Then she sits up and plops down 180 degrees from where she was…. she does more than a 360 several times a night. Kids are loco!


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