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My husband laughed the other night when I picked my pillow up to fluff it. I asked him what was so funny and he said, “You are such a schedule follower. You do the same things every night with rigid accuracy and yet you are the most spontaneous person too.” Does that make me semi-schizophrenic? That I have to have my ducks in a row and yet can fly by the seat of my pants and am perfectly content when nothing gets done? In truth it just means that I am a freakishly lazy control freak. Ha! That makes perfect sense, right?

This morning though, to mix things up, I completely forgot to set an alarm and woke up an hour late. Jumping out of bed in a panic, I gathered myself together and walked out the door ten minutes later. So much for routine…

photo 1 (15)

photo 2 (16)

And the winner of the French Fabrications giveaway is…


And don’t forget that  you can get 15% off any of Myste’s etsy shops by just entering the code “SMILE” into the coupon code section. Go buy something cute!

Here is a link to all three shops:

French Fabrications-crotched accessories and stuffed animals

Everything Lovely And Wonderful-vintage housewares and accessories

Fruits Of The Forest-wedding accessories and fantastic hair pieces

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