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I’ve spoken with people about my post last week and what I keep hearing is “I can’t find an outfit to enter”. Now I am 99.9% sure this doesn’t mean they are not inspired, but that they are following the inspiration to exactly.

I don’t want you to be exact, I want to see what INSPIRES you.

Yes, my outfits were pretty close to the inspiration pictures, but that doesn’t mean YOURS have to be.

I want to see WHAT inspires you, even if it’s just one thing you saw somewhere, you were inspired and that’s what I want to hear about.

Don’t feel like the color has to be exact or the created outfit EXACTLY the same as your inspiration. It’s just a loose interpretation. Here are some ideas:

Maybe you’re more of a jeans wearer and you saw something or someone that inspired you to wear a dress or a big chunky necklace. Or you saw this pic with the cut of the dress and thought that would look flattering on your body type, so you tried to duplicate it.

Maybe you’ve never tried tucking your shirt in or wearing a maxi skirt.

Maybe you like the idea of a striped shirt with shorts.

Or a striped shirt with a skirt. Again, you don’t have to include a belt or you can make it chunky instead of a skinny belt.

Or you’ve always wanted to try wearing a hat or scarf (don’t feel like you have to wear a leather jacket since it’s so DANG hot!)

Or boots with a dress.

The thing I love about fashion is its ability to change. I look back on what I wore a couple years back and have grown and changed so much since then. What you choose  to wear reflects so much of where you are in life, but can also reflect where you want to be. It’s also about taking risks and making changes.

What have you always wanted to try to wear, but didn’t think you could pull off? What did you try to wear, loved and stuck with?

Go through your wardrobe, find an outfit and email it to me at

along with a picture or even just a comment on what inspired you.

Because you know what? You just might inspire someone else. 😉

Happy Friday! 🙂

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  1. I’m going to do my best. I’ve been keeping my eye out for something and I shall make it my mission to find some good inspiration this weekend… In fact I may have an idea…

  2. I’m gonna have to narrow down my inspiration and pick one! I’m always just inspired by the vibe of something. How’s the shopping ban going??? I almost caved and did some online shopping last night but I was strong and resisted. 😉


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