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Summer Inspiration

Often times, like I’ve said in previous posts, I rip pictures out of magazines that I like and store them in my “style” notebook. When I’m lacking inspiration and looking for a new outfit, I check out my notebook for ideas.

Here are some outfits that I came up with next to the picture that inspired me:

So, I’ve cooked up a little contest because a little competition is healthy, right? 😉

I want you to find inspiration and create a new outfit. Look in magazines (my faves are InStyle and Lucky Mag), Pinterest or people you see out and about. Your outfits don’t have to be exact because this is “inspiration” after all. Just look at the shapes of clothing (long baggy pants) or how it’s worn (shirt tucked in with belt) and then try to do similar with the clothing you presently have in your wardrobe.

After you’ve created a new outfit, email me two pictures, a pic of your inspiration and also a pic of your fabulous creation to

All entries need to be in by 11:30 pm PST on August 22, 2012 to be entered.

***The five BEST outfits will be featured on Fashion Friday on August 24, 2012.***

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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  1. Oh Rena, your’e so creative. I like reading “fashion Friday”!

  2. Love reading and looking! You have inspired me to start shopping at Plato’s closet again – I love it!!

  3. Allison Herold

    I have so many of those inspiration pages! My wardrobe doesn’t always allow me to achieve my inspired look though.

    • It’s all because you don’t have dark denim crops!!;) Seriously though, you can always take the inspiration loosely and copy the lines and structure of the outfit or the colors instead of piece for piece.

  4. great idea! You pulled those ideas off very well. I’m not into fashion (because I’m usually too overwhelmed by finding something I can both fit into and afford), but this is a cool idea for putting new things together. I’ll throw it at my tween daughter. 🙂

  5. No need to go out and buy new things. Use items of similar shape and vibe. The picture isn’t an edict, just a suggestion. No need to copy down to the last accessory. Think of it as way to get more mileage out of things you already have.


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