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Favorites Party

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First, I made the invitation and emailed it out.

Here is how it works:

1) You pick one favorite thing that costs less than $6 (technically $5, but I didn’t want people to stress out about the amount after taxes). Then bring 5 of that item unwrapped to the party.

2.) At the party, everyone puts their names on five tickets. We used raffle tickets, but you could use any cut-up paper and throw it into a jar to be chosen from.

3.) Each person takes a turn presenting their item, describing why it’s their favorite, where they got it and what they do with it. (I brought Cookie Butter from Trader Joe’s and banana muffins to eat it with, although I could just eat it with a spoon. Addicting!!!)

4.) Then five tickets are chosen and those five people get that item, so at the end, everyone has five new “favorites” to take home.

Here are some things that I might change for next time:

-I wish I would have taken more pictures (I have the hardest time being at a party and remembering to take pictures. Boo.)

-I think it might be better to do 3 things under $10. A lot of people had a hard time finding something that was under $6, but could think of a lot of things that were in the $7-$9 range.

All in all though, it was an extremely easy party to throw (super LOW maintenance), especially since my friends ROCK at bringing yummy goodies and we had a lot of fun just hanging out. And I got to take home some pretty sweet new “favorite” things.

(P.S. That Ben & Jerry’s ice cream was gone in a day. Why do they make the containers so cute and easy to hold?! It makes it so much easier to eat quickly!)

I got this party idea from the wonderful Julie over at Joy’s Hope.

Next I want to have a Pioneer Woman Potluck. I’m salivating at the thought of it.

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  1. So doing this! Love it!
    I did a Craft-A-Palooza party one year for my coworkers (all admins).
    We met in the big conference room downstairs in the lobby and I set up 3 different crafts for people to do (paint/cut/design a tshirt) and, Lordy it’s late and I can’t remember the other! I made custom water bottles and custom candy bar wrappers for everyone and had name tags up. Then we brought our own projects to work on (scrapbooking and the like). Yours is a great idea! (noting it on Pinterest now!)


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