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Last week we went camping up at the William Heise campground by Julian. I love this campground because of the massive oak trees and mountain air. We camped with two other families and had a great time! It completely rocked that our kids are all similar ages and played really well together.

Here are some things we learned from our adventure:

-air mattresses make great make-shift trampolines

-breakfast burritos are an excellent and easy camping dinner

-ziploc bags with water & pennies hung from the canopy actually subside massive fly attacks (got the idea on the always amazing Pinterest)

-sleeping in the same tent as two kids under the age of four is exhausting

pancakes with chocolate chip cookie crumbles are dangerously addicting

-little boys LOVE dirt (duh)

-you have the ability to jump over cars (just about) when surprised with almost stepping on a snake (Jesse had a minor run-in with a garden snake at dusk one evening)

-s’mores with chocolate chip cookies, dried sweetened coconut and chocolate frosting are life changing

-laying in a portable hammock under a giant leafy tree is heavenly

As exhausting, dirty, crazy, chaotic, loud, irritating, frustrating, and insane as it is camping with young kids, we had a great time and made wonderful memories with our boys that I hope they will remember forever.

Check out my friend Irene’s gorgeous pictures from our trip.

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