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“High Maintenance”

What comes to mind when you hear those two words?

I hate that this term has a different meaning to every person and I wish we could all come to an agreement on the definition.

In my opinion, “high maintenance” refers to a person who is needy in a relationship. They require their significant other to spend a lot of time/money on them and need constant verbal reassurance.

I DO NOT feel like it refers to a person who prefers to look good when they are out in public or enjoys fashion. I hate to hear someone who looks nice or pulled together referred to as “high maintenance” because that COULD imply that it took them a while to get ready and that it would be the end of the world if they didn’t look nice.

Personally, I usually take less than fifteen minutes total to get dressed & do my hair (although my husband is arguing that I take longer). I also go days without showering (true story) and wear my jeans a couple times before washing them. Also, as much as I like labels/designers (mostly for the quality), I will never pass up on free hand-me-downs or previously owned clothing. And, I have left the house without a smidge of makeup on wearing sweats and my world remained in one piece. πŸ˜‰

I am not hoping to start a heated debate or make anyone angry, but I’m interested in starting a discussion.

What do you think of when you hear the term “high maintenance”?

Happy Friday!

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  1. High Maintenance….hmm…i can’t even spell the word. When I think of it…it makes me think of a difficult person to hangout…possibly a little to self absorbed…it’s the attitudes that come along with it too…does that make sense??? I think you have every right to dress… modest and still look nice, but when it draws all attention on you and uhhh away from your MAKER I have a little problem with that. There’s my fi cents!

  2. High maintenance to me is someone who requires certain things for superficial reasons, that other people live without.

  3. I agree with Lydia. It’s someone who demands/requires that others to go out of their way so they can have specific and unnecessary things. I think the idea of “needing” lots of superficial things in order to function properly also goes into my concept of it.

  4. . . . to me it’s someone who requires a lot (attention, stuff, etc) from those around them to be happy. PS- the last 2 outfits are totes gorg-e-pants (hahaha)

  5. I think some would consider me high maintenance just because I do have a lot of makeup, I have a lot of clothes, I have a lot of shoes and can take a long time to get ready. I love to express the season and event in my outfit so I always want it to be appropriate. Putting together an ideal outfit is a challenge that I enjoy. I like shopping and thinking about how to put shapes and colors together as well as how to express myself in my appearance. At the same time, I can go out in lounge clothes or post workout totally make up free, just out of bed with dirty hair and B.O. I can camp with no running water while on my period. I can make a dinner out of can of cold baked beans. So I think high maintenance does connote a touch of inflexibility that promotes one’s own needs over others with a lack of perspective. Just because other people live without something does not mean it isn’t necessary or even good. I mean, I don’t have a cell phone and I have hardly a need for one. Does that make everyone else high maintenance? Everyone is different and so does have different likes and dislikes, different priorities, but I think the flexibility according to the situation is a big player there, whether that is emotional or material things.

  6. Rena: I LOVE the “two tails,” as my girls call them!!! And why did you not personally notify me that you had a totally rockin’ outfit with shorts and boots!!!! Leavin’ me hangin’!!!!

  7. Nicole @ gidgetgoeshome

    I’m with you on the relationship thing. I think that’s where “high maintenance-ness” really shines. When someone always has to have it their way or is particularly needy. I mean, I think the material aspect can play into it, but it’s more an outward expression of the inner person/heart. So I don’t necessarily think everyone who cares about how they look is a high maintenance person, but I could see where all of that could be an expression of where their heart is at, if that makes sense.
    On the opposite end, the best way I can describe what I see as low maintenance is someone who can go with the flow and enjoy fashion/looking good/having style but not have it as an idol. πŸ™‚


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