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Oh the possibilities…

When I was in elementary school, I remember in math they would give us four or so numbers and have us write down all the combinations there could be. For example, 4-2-8-1, could make 4-2-1-8 and 2-4-8-1, etc.

It wasn’t for another year that they taught us multiplication and the “easy” way to figure the answer out.

(My father, the math teacher, will appreciate this blog post. Heehee.)

That’s why I love fashion. There are so many combinations that can be made.

I own a lot of clothes, but only enough to sometimes spill out of fill half of a closet and a dresser with my husband. Not that I mind repeating outfits, but making up new outfits is so much more fun that I rarely do.

Here are some ideas to easily change up an outfit:

-layer skirts or layer a skirt under a dress (see the last pic…this works really well on dresses that have shrunk)

-wear a shirt over a dress (like a sleeveless one)

-button & belt a cardigan instead of a shirt

-try different color combos

-roll up your jeans

-tuck in or pull out a shirt from your waistline

And never forget…

-change up your shoes and/or accessories (more on that later).

Now go make some new and fun outfits!

Happy Friday! 🙂

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  1. oh i LOVE the black polka dot dress! SO fun! AND – you’re seriously too cute!

  2. Fun new blog! I love all your cute outfits!

  3. Fun new blog…love all your cute outfits!

  4. I LOVE the new blog! It’s like tots gorg-E-pants 🙂

  5. Um, I’m sorry… you must have forgotten. The printed dress in the last picture did not come from Good Will. It came from my good will, as in I handed it down to you. 🙂 cause I never wore it even though I love it. Also, I love the BCBG dress and the necklace you paired with the printed dress. Love the blog, love fashion, love you!

  6. By far my favorite week of fashion thus far!!! Everything is too cute and you look ultra hot in the first outfit!! Loved that necklace and I am so glad to see you’ve put it to good use since I never did.


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