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Is it that obvious?

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The other day I was driving home from Orange County, so I decided to stop at my favorite thrift store. Because it is a good 45 minutes away from my house, I only get to shop there when I’m “in the area” (although I have made MANY a trip up there JUST to shop…heehee).

So, I had looked online and it said they closed at 9:00pm, but when I walked in at 7:45, the store employee called to me and said, “Just so you know, we close in fifteen minutes.”

I looked at him in a panic and gasped. “Online it said you were open until 9?!!”

He laughed and replied, “You can’t trust anything online.”

Then he walked up to me and added…

“But you are a professional shopper, so fifteen minutes is plenty of time.”

How did he know? 😉

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  1. I love this!

  2. Which thrift store is this??

  3. ooooh awesome! thank you 🙂


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