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Accessories and Unsolicited Advice

I am anything, but a graceful person.

I run into walls all the time, stub my toes and say stupid things. I am that person in the movie that  just keeps talking during the silence, making you cringe and hide your face in your sofa at their awkwardness.

My husband says that 90% of my awkward moments are self-induced.

Last weekend, I ran into my son’s doctor. I went to give him a hug without thinking, because I’m a hugger.

Well, he didn’t recognize me right away and stuck his hand out to shake mine, all the while being taken completely aback by this crazy, hugging person and it was well…


So…here is my completely unsolicited advice for you. When approaching acquaintances or professionals (especially ones involved in your children’s health), SHAKE THEIR HAND.

The memory of this has haunted me all week, so I’m hoping to save some of you from making the same mistake. If there were Awkward Olympics, I would definitely be getting a gold medal in the hug/handshake debacle event. Bleh.

On another topic, let’s talk accessories.

I used to own a couple necklaces and earrings, but never remembered to wear them. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I realized what a HUGE difference accessories can make on an outfit.

You could have a plain white tee and jeans, but then put on a long gold chain necklace and all of a sudden you looked like your outfit was planned.

A piece of jewelry has the ability to pull an outfit together.

And don’t forget a good headband or scarf. Try wearing a black tank top with a delicate headband, bright colored scarf and a jean skirt and I can guarantee you will get compliments.

SO, two reminders for today:

1. Don’t forget to use the accessories you own or go buy new pieces.


2. Leave the hugging to close friends. (Lesson learned.)

This is the angle you get when your photographer is three years old.

Happy Friday! 🙂

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  1. I love when you give us readers a glimpse into your life. Being a hugger of close friend (and not aquaintances or strangers) myself I usually find myself on the opposite side of the awkward hand/hug situation. Also it’s hard to remember a time when you didn’t embrace accessories as you do now. I vaguely remember it but it seems so counter-Rena.

  2. I heart those yellow shoes!!

  3. Love those Enzos! And I think I have all the pieces to copy Outfit #2 except my shirt is a seafoam gingham. We can each wear our version on our weekend getaway!


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