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Genie In A Bottle




(Blouse, Belt & Shoes: thrifted  Dress & Bracelet: clothing exchange)

If I were to come across a magic lamp, rubbed it and a genie came out, I’m pretty sure one of my wishes would be for this dang cough to go away and never return. My poor children have had a hacky cough off and on now for the past three months and I am ready for it to be gone. I, by some miracle, have not gotten it, although with all the drastic weather changes we’ve been having here in Southern California, it wouldn’t surprise me if my kids have allergies and this cough is just an annoying byproduct. Blerg.

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  1. Your sense of style is marvelous! Seriously. This outfit is on point!
    I am sick with the flu, so I can relate to what your kids are going through! haha I am ready for it to be gone too. 😀
    Have a lovely day xxx


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