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The Fringe Hours




(Necklace: Target  Dress: clothing exchange  Jacket:  Boots: Frye’s)

I recently read The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You by Jessica Turner and it made me realize some things:

-I already do a pretty great job of using my “fringe hours” (those extra minutes here and there throughout your day, such as while you wait for kids at a doctor’s appointment) to do things for myself. That’s the only way I would ever get all my magazine subscriptions read.

-She had you write down a list of your hobbies to help you identify what you could be doing with that time. In that I discovered that “memory keeping” is a huge hobby of mine. I never realized that THAT particular thing was an actual hobby. I would have identified it as photography, but since I do it mainly of my children and then make family yearbooks for them, this can constitute as a hobby.

-I need to use my hours in the morning for myself, since I’m a morning person instead of laying in bed looking at my iPhone.

What are your hobbies? What time could you best utilize to spend time on you?

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  1. your hair ♥_♥

  2. Could that dress fit you any more perfectly? 🙂 Is is a recent Target acquisition? As in, could I still get one?


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