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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Third One Same As The First




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Very few things bother me, but something that’s been irking me lately is when people comment that Owen is my “third kid”. You know, like when you set the kid down on the ground and people say “third kid” like you would NEVER do that with the first kid. But the thing is I was exactly the same with my first, second and third. The only thing I would say that has been different is that first month figuring out sleeping/breastfeeding/etc. Being a new parent and dealing with that level of exhaustion/confusion for the first time was horrible. Otherwise, I’ve never been a germaphobe and am okay with my kids eating a little dirt (sometimes literally). I’ve also been the same level of relaxed with my oldest as I have been with my youngest, although the baby does have more people to hold him now and has incredibly attentive older brothers, so I actually try to put him down more so that he doesn’t grow up thinking the world revolves around him.

Time Change Is A Comin’


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 I have always been a Fall person. I love sweaters, hearty soups and all the holidays from my birthday to Christmas. But I CANNOT stand when the time changes. Why does it have to get dark so early?! I am not ready for my long, glorious summer days to go away. There are few things better than sitting outside on the porch at 7:30pm and enjoying the cool breeze as you watch the sun go down. If it wasn’t for the excitement of Halloween coming up, I would be in serious mourning. Does anyone else have their costume thought out already?

You Can’t Say That




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Have you ever noticed that when you’re a kid you say whatever you want without thinking about it? Like when you’re little and you don’t realize that the things you say might be offensive or hurt someone’s feelings. I have been asked countless times by little people if I was pregnant when I was in fact not. But they are too young to know, so I brush it off. Well, I feel like when you get older (and I mean way older) people just start saying whatever they want again regardless of how it makes them look or others feel. Why is that?! Have you seen this video of Ellen talking to Gladys? It makes me laugh so hard that this old woman is just saying random things to this huge celebrity like she is talking to the clerk at her grocery store. Too funny.