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Third One Same As The First




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Very few things bother me, but something that’s been irking me lately is when people comment that Owen is my “third kid”. You know, like when you set the kid down on the ground and people say “third kid” like you would NEVER do that with the first kid. But the thing is I was exactly the same with my first, second and third. The only thing I would say that has been different is that first month figuring out sleeping/breastfeeding/etc. Being a new parent and dealing with that level of exhaustion/confusion for the first time was horrible. Otherwise, I’ve never been a germaphobe and am okay with my kids eating a little dirt (sometimes literally). I’ve also been the same level of relaxed with my oldest as I have been with my youngest, although the baby does have more people to hold him now and has incredibly attentive older brothers, so I actually try to put him down more so that he doesn’t grow up thinking the world revolves around him.

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  1. I have a similar thing with Josephine. Often Abby and Ava are so quick to help Josephine that the third kid doesn’t do much for herself. When I compare what Josephine can/will do and what Abby did at her age,no match. But part of that may be personality as well. Love the outfit!


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