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Time Change Is A Comin’


DSC_4872 - Version 2


(Necklace: Instagram Shop  Dress: GwynnieBee  Belt: HandMeDown  Shoes: gift-Steve Madden)

 I have always been a Fall person. I love sweaters, hearty soups and all the holidays from my birthday to Christmas. But I CANNOT stand when the time changes. Why does it have to get dark so early?! I am not ready for my long, glorious summer days to go away. There are few things better than sitting outside on the porch at 7:30pm and enjoying the cool breeze as you watch the sun go down. If it wasn’t for the excitement of Halloween coming up, I would be in serious mourning. Does anyone else have their costume thought out already?

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  1. I love this dress! And I fell you on the summer ending thing. I’m not a huge fan of the cold.
    I have a fashion blog if you’d like to check it out:

  2. All these Gwynnie Bee dresses are made for your form! So flattering!!


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