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Deep Condition Your Hair With Coconut Oil


My hair sometimes gets dry and brittle and needs a little extra attention. When this happens, I deep condition it with coconut oil. It’s cheap and easy to do. All you need is some coconut oil and a shower cap. You could also use a towel and blow dryer. (continue reading over at Life As Mom…)

Curl Your Hair in Five Minutes

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Now this post will seem silly to all you curly-haired ladies out there, but learning this little trick has revolutionized my morning routine. I love how I look with curly hair, but it always takes forever. Well not anymore! Here is how you can be date/work ready in only 5 minutes! (continue reading at Life is Mom)

6 Easy Hairstyles To Do While Running Out The Door

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I know how it is to run out of the house and realize that you haven’t brushed your hair…or your children’s hair for that matter. (Maybe there’s a reason God has blessed me with little boys….)

I also know how tempting it is to hit the snooze button two, okay…five times before you’re rushing out the door with only enough time to make sure you have the same shoes on. But I know that any outfit, no matter what you have on, will look that much more spectacular if you have your hair done.

Here are six easy hairstyles that can make you look incredibly put together, but only take a couple minutes to accomplish. [Continue reading over at…]

Easy Valentine’s Day Manicure


It’s super fun to get your nails done by a professional. I personally go just for the five minutes they give you a hand massage. But going all the time can get really expensive. Here is a fun new way to decorate your nails for a great price:

1. Paint your nails with a solid colored paint.

For Valentine’s Day, pinks and reds work great. You could also paint them white for a clean work palette. Let them dry completely. (continue reading…)

My New Favorite Lip Color

I love lipstick, of any kind, especially during this chilly season when my lips are so white you’d think I was dead.


So I am incredibly happy to announce this new amazing lip pencil by CoverGirl. It is the jumbo gloss balm from the Queen collection. I got the Disco Punch shade and I’m in love.


It is large like a crayon, so it is super easy to apply, but it is glossy, so it gives you just the most perfect translucent natural color. It also stays on even after eating.

AND to top it all off, it’s less than $10!

Happy Fashion Friday!

Here Comes The Bride

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(Disclaimer: These pictures were all taken with my iPhone, so please forgive the “not as good as my Nikon” quality.)

I was a bridesmaid in my sweet, precious, wise, gorgeous friend Cheryl’s wedding this past weekend. It was a romantic location, perfect weather and an absolutely gorgeous event.

All the bridesmaids were allowed to pick out their own dress, as long as it was blue green. I am blown away at how well our dresses went together. And we didn’t even see them all ahead of time! I got mine at Ross for $15! Cheapest bridesmaid dress ever!

wedding Collage 1

The turquoise dresses with red accents made my little heart so happy. And Cheryl’s dress was breathtaking.

I decided to do my hair in the milkmaid braid and got huge compliments on it. Yay! I even did my friend Laura & Katie’s hair. If it’s a braid, I can do it!

wedding Collage 2

(I’m hoping in the near future to do a “30 Days Of Braids” with daily tutorials on different braided hairstyles. Would that interest anyone?)

Lastly it was so fun to catch up with old friends at the reception and hang out with my husband sans kiddos. He even danced on the dance floor with me, which if you know my husband is a BIG DEAL!!


Congratulations Glen & Cheryl! It is apparent to anyone who meets you how much you love each other and I’m excited for you to start your life together! God bless!

Bridesmaid Hair

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I have been so tired this week. Like so exhausted there have been times I questioned why I was driving (don’t worry, I was fine and still making smart decisions). Tomorrow is the last day of school, so things this week at work have been streeeesssssffffuuuulllll. Needless to say, I don’t feel like I have a lot of fashion “advice” to give you today.

But bear with me…my best friend is getting married next week and I will be doing my own hair. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do, but here’s what I was thinking:

1. Milkmaid braid-Cute, easy to do and different. Also very country-ish and the wedding will be in the country, so it’d be fitting. But is it too childish?

milkmaid braid

2. Top bun with a bow-I’ve never tried this before, so I don’t know if I could do it, but it’s so dang pretty!

top bun and bow

3. Messy Fishtail braid-very easy to do, but is it fancy enough for a wedding? Or too casual?

fishtail braid

4. Sideways braid to low ponytail-This is very easy and then I’d plan to put tight curls at the end of the side ponytail.

back french braid

That’s what’s on my mind lately. What do you think of these four hairstyles? Any votes as to which one I should do? I’d love your opinions.

And I’ll do my best to post pictures of my hair at the wedding. 🙂

Happy Fashion Friday!

(Here’s to getting more sleep next week. Ha! Who am I kidding?)