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Where’d That Bruise Come From?!




(Necklace:  Shirt: consignment store  Skirt: Old Navy Maternity  Shoes: Goodwill)

I’m sure I’ve written before what a total and complete klutz I am. It seems like walls just suddenly appear a millisecond before I run into them or the coffee table comes out of nowhere and takes my pinky toe off. But the worst part is that I will occasionally look down at my arms or legs and see a gigantic bruise and have no recollection of where it came from or when it happened. You see, when you walk into things constantly, it kind of becomes second nature and you forget it even happened. Like right now, I just looked down at my knee and saw a ton of scratches on it, but have no clue how it happened. I swear, if I continue this way, I’m going to break my hip from accidentally falling by the time I’m forty. Good thing I drink a lot of milk to fortify my bones. 😉

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