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Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Worm Is All Mine




(Earrings: Noonday Collection  Scarf: Target  Sweater & Dress: Old Navy Maternity  Boots: eBay-Lucky Brand)

I laugh when people ask me if I am a morning person or a night person. I am without a doubt a morning person. Even in college, I remember people going to hang out at 8pm and thinking “That’s SO late!!” Sleeping in (even before I had kids) is a big deal if I make it to 7am. My stupid, over-active brain just starts spinning it’s wheels even before the crack of dawn.  Now this would be beneficial if I got up before my kids to get things done, but unfortunately I’m breeding a little army of early risers. At least I’ll always have someone to watch the sunrise with me, since Lord knows my husband will be snoozing hours past we are all up (and yes, that is said with 100% jealousy).






(Shirt-Old Navy Maternity  Necklace: Noonday Collection  Jeans: Old Navy Maternity  Shoes: facebook store)

I am out of control. As I’m sure I’ve admitted before, I am a total sugar addict. As much as I love eating healthy, I have fallen off the bandwagon lately. I am tired and don’t care/want to think about what I’m eating. For example, all week I’ve been taking an english muffish (and cookie butter), yogurt & granola and two tangerines for lunch. And I had TWO AND A HALF donuts yesterday. BAH! If I’m not careful even my maternity clothes aren’t going to fit me for much longer. I might need an intervention…





(Top: Plato’s Closet  Leggings: Ross  Boots: Nordstrom-Steve Madden)

I gotta tell you that nothing makes me feel more accomplished than when I clean my car. Please don’t think that I drive around all the time with a clean car. In fact, it is quite the opposite. With two kids boys and a husband that thinks the floor IS the trash can, the car is an absolute wreck 99.9% of the time. But there is that .1% when I get my act together and pick all that junk up and vacuum up the goldfish crackers, boiled egg shells (not joking with that one) and sand. And let me tell you friends, when my car is clean, I can totally look past the dirty floors, muddy fingerprints in my bathroom and pile of dishes in my kitchen sink and feel like I have got life figured out and completely under control. And when I’m really feeling fancy, I go to the car wash and watch other people get my life under control for me. 😉