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Style Blogger Interview: Coast to Coast Central

For the next six Fridays, I will be interviewing some fabulous bloggers that I follow and am inspired by. I hope you enjoy reading what inspires them and how they got started as much as I have loved having this glimpse into their everyday lives. I am so completely honored that each blogger took the time to answer my questions. Enjoy!


Today I will be interviewing Lindsey and Lauren from Coast to Coast Central. You might recognize the name from some of the Coast to Coast challenges I’ve done on Instagram (you can find me over there at _thegirlwiththesmile). These two girls are lovely, young, spunky and have fabulous style! Their weekly challenges have helped me to stretch my style and use items in my wardrobe in new and different ways.

How/why did you start your blog?

We, Lindsey Clark & Lauren Palomares, started Coast to Coast Central in the summer of 2012. After moving from Tulsa, OK to opposite coasts, we were on the prowl for a tradition to keep us connected despite the distance. We decided to do little fashion “challenges” and upload them to Instagram. We began hashtagging them with #CoastToCoastChallenge. There was no agenda, just two friends trying to stay connected; however as the days passed, girls from around the country began inquiring what the #CoastToCoastChallenge hashtag was and asking how they could join. We invited our girlfriends to join us and before we knew it, the challenge caught on like wildfire. Girls around the globe were beginning to join us. After a couple weeks, we decided to create a blog as a home and central hub for our new Instagram fashion challenge. Our desire was that the blog would become a place of inspiration for women; a place where they could feel challenged, inspired and empowered. The rest, they say, is history…

If you could have any clothing item right now, what would it be?

Lindsey: We are always on the prowl for new things! So naturally, we have a Wishes + Wants post each week highlighting some of those items. Personally, it’s safe to say that my list of Wishes + Wants could go on for days! If I could have any of the items off my Wishes + Wants list right now, I’d pick:

1. Clogs! I’ve been eyeing them for a couple of months and cannot get enough of them!

2. A denim jumper! Jumpers are quickly becoming on of my new favorite items. They are quick and easy to style for on-the-go days!

3. Céline bag! Who doesn’t want a new designer bag to add to their collection?

photo 2.PNG

What article of clothing do you wear on repeat?

Lindsey: When in doubt, I always opt for my LBD, aka “little black dress”. This go-to dress will never lead you astray. Seriously, you can do no wrong in it. My favorite thing about a LBD is that there are plenty of ways to style it, so that it looks like a fresh new outfit even if you are repeating it.

How has your style changed/evolved since you started your blog?

Lauren: I’ve always had an interest in style and fashion, but starting Coast to Coast Central has taken my interest in it to another level. More than ever I’m constantly looking out for the latest trends, keeping an eye on the fashion magazines, and scrolling through the hashtag feed to find other ladies whom I’m constantly inspired by. The women who participate in Coast to Coast Central are truly some of the most fashionable girls I’ve ever seen! The way they pair items together for different styles challenges me to do the same and encourages me to be bold and take risks!

photo 2-4

What’s your biggest fashion mistake?

Lauren: It’s safe to say that I’ve had my fair share of mistakes. Besides wanting to live in my purple gymnastics leotard for a period of time, I’d have to say my biggest fashion mistake was my go-to hairstyle: helmet head. I had a brilliant idea one day to wet the top portion of my head, flip my hair upside down and pull it as close to my scalp as possible before tying it off with an elastic. On top of that I proceeded to douse it with hairspray to make sure I wouldn’t suffer from any fly-aways. My hair was so crispy and stuck to my head that after months of my dad referring to me as “helmet head”, I decided it might be time to switch things up!

Lindsey: Oh my! My biggest fashion mistake? Back in college, I wore thrift store shirts and peasant skirts like it was my job. I seriously think that was almost all I wore my freshman year. I may have worn pants once that year. Eventually my mother stepped in and forbade me from wearing my skirt and tee combo.

photo 1.PNG

What item is without fail in your purse?

Lindsey: Regardless of what day it is or what purse I’m carrying, you will always find:

1. Red Lipstick – It’s my signature color!

2. Dessert Gum – I seriously am beyond addicted to gum!

3. A Dream Book – It’s a little booklet I carry that stores all my random ideas and dreams! You never know when you’re going to think of something brilliant!

What’s your favorite place to shop? 

Lauren: My favorite store has to be Anthropologie. Just walking into this store makes me feel über feminine and inspired to have a whimsical home. I love their classy but eclectic fashion style, and I always find myself swooning over their window displays!

photo 1-6

What do you think are five key pieces every woman should own?

Lauren: Staple items are the key to reinventing it. Once you have some staple pieces in your closet, you can mix and match and people think you have an endless wardrobe! In my opinion, the five key pieces every woman should own are:

1. A black blazer

2. A quality chambray shirt

3. A nicely fitted LBD (little black dress)

4. A pair of perfectly hemmed dark skinny jeans

5. Nude heels

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