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Are you there God? It’s me, Rena.





(Earrings: HandMeDown  Scarf: Thrifted  Shirt: Target  Dress: Old Navy  Shoes: Thrifted)

Dear God,

I am blown away by your creation. By sunsets, children’s laughter and peonies. Everything you have made is glorious and has a purpose. But I don’t understand ants. I think they are fascinating creatures, carrying so much more than their body weight, etc. but what do they do exactly? They are everywhere. In my kitchen, in my bathroom, across my floor and walls, even in my couch and on my desk at work. I’m sure they are busy doing something useful, I just wish it was not in my space…constantly. Of all the creatures that are going extinct, don’t you think you could take out the ants? I would way rather have a bald eagle swooping over my house than having to vacuum up/bomb/spray this tiny black pest. Just give it a thought.


Sincerely, Rena

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