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What I Love: Jean Jackets

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I remember watching “The Wedding Singer” and being completely enamored with Drew Barrymore’s jean jacket and became determined to add one to my wardrobe. And thus began my love affair…

Why I Love Them

-They are so versatile. Just like jean pants, they go with practically any color, pattern, texture or fabric.

-They are crazy comfortable….because they are denim. Duh.

-They are timeless. I mean, hello?! I pray denim never goes out of style.

How To Wear Them

-Dress down with some camo and/or cut off shorts to dress it down.



-Add an oversized scarf, statement necklace and brightly colored skinny jeans.


-Wear with oversized sunnies, leggings and an oversized t-shirt for a last minute outfit.


-Dress it up with a belted maxi (perfect date night outfit).


And I want to get married to my husband all over again, so I can wear a jean jacket with my wedding dress. Why didn’t I think of that six years ago?!?? How cute is this?!


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Happy Fashion Friday!

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  1. Jean jackets are great! I have a couple in my wardrobe. They are so versatile; I like to pair mine with a floral print dress or skirt. The combination of denim and floral goes together really well.

  2. I recognize Atlantic-Pacific on the second picture, this girl is amazing!

  3. I totally need Josh to read this post. Every time I wear mine he makes fun of me. It’s one of my favorite things!


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