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strapless 2 jean jacket 1(Necklace: Cookie Lee  Jacket: HandMeDown  Dress: Goodwill  Shoes: Old Navy)

I have a crazy good memory, especially when it comes to people. Unfortunately I also have one of those faces that people just don’t seem to remember. So the situation that happens all the time is I approach person I met say five years ago and remember precise details about our conversation and they look at me like “Who the heck are you, stalker?!” Example: I run into girl I went to high school with and say, “Oh, hi Laurie! Remember me? Rena? We were in 9th grade English together in Mr. Taylor’s class and you sat in the front and you always wore that red sweatshirt?” Laurie looks at me with giant eyes and says, “You say your name is Rena?” Oy. I really need to remember to reign in my crazy.

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