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Lucky Magazine

I’ve had a subscription to Lucky magazine since it started in 2000. I mean their tag line is “A magazine about shopping and style”, so how could I pass that up?!

I love to rip pictures out of outfits in the magazine that appeal to me and I have them in a folder to look through for inspiration whenever I am looking for something new.

I recently heard about the “Lucky Community” and signed up as a contributor.

I am still trying to figure it out (oh why couldn’t I have been blessed with a more technologically savvy brain?!), but so far, I love being able to look through other fashion bloggers style photos (although it makes me feel highly unworthy).

If you’re looking for some inspiration or just have time to kill, hop on over to the Lucky Community website. You can find me by searching for “Rena Frey”.

There’s even a contest going on right now that I’m thinking of joining. I’ll post more once I figure things out a bit.

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