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coral shirt 1 coral shirt 2(Shirt, Pants & Ring: Plato’s Closet  Shoes: Buffalo Exchange)

I hate cleaning my house. Unfortunately it is an evil necessity, unless I don’t mind living in a house from Hoarders, which I do. That show is like a train wreck, you know you should stop and look away, but it’s just so bad. But I digress. There are certain chores that I don’t mind doing, so I’m wondering if anyone is my chore opposite and wouldn’t mind “swapping” with me.

Here’s what I like to do…followed by what I dislike:

-separating laundry into colors (love this)…putting laundry away (but really is there anyone out there that likes this?!)

-unloading the dishwasher…cleaning dishes (yuck, ew, barf)

-vacuuming…sweeping and mopping (although the Swiffer WetJet is a game changer)

-sitting on my butt & watching TV while eating cookies…washing windows/walls

So…anyone up for a little exchange? Wanna come over & clean my house while I indulge my laziness? Ha! 😉

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  1. too bad our likes and dislikes are the same!!

  2. I don’t mind putting laundry away, as long as there is room for it. I dont’ really like stuffing clothes in a drawer that is too small. And I kinda like doing dishes. My dishwasher is broken right now, waiting for a part to arrive, and I’ve had to do LOTS of dishes. I don’t like the kitchen counter pile up of dishes to be done, but the actual act of washing them isnt’ bad. And I know they will all be very clean, unlike with the dishwasher. Too bad we don’t live closer! We could work something out!


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