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Awkwardness, My New BFF

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graphic dress 1 graphic dress 2(Necklace: Plato’s Closet  Dress (H&M) & Purse (Coach): Plato’s Closet  Shoes: Goodwill (Fossil)

Oh, awkwardness. It just follows me around like a shadow. I should just start introducing people to it, like it’s my best friend, since it’s with me wherever I go. Unavoidable. This past week I had to take my son to the emergency room because we were afraid he had meningitis. The doctors checked him out and he’s just super sick, but will heal. Before we left a man came in to get our insurance information. I took one look at him and blurted out, “You look so familiar.” Not that awkward a phrase, but you should have heard the crickets chirping in uncomfortable silence and the strange look that he gave me before he continued his request for our medical card. Blerg. When am I gonna learn to keep my big mouth shut? The worst part is I SWEAR I know him, but just can’t figure out how. Double blerg.

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