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Best Bathing Suit I’ve Ever Owned

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Let me start off by saying that I’d rather go to the beach on a cold and overcast day in sweats than to be caught dead in a swim suit. I am not the type that likes to show too much, if any skin. I am incredibly modest and prefer to cover up any spots (*cough my stomach, thighs and butt cough*) that just aren’t that lovely and should be hidden away from any seeing person.

That being said, I have found a new suit that I LOVE and that pushes me out of my comfort zone, although I’ve never felt sexier. Go figure.


Here’s the story:

Right before Memorial Day, I was shopping at Target and got the urge to buy a new swimsuit. It has been two years since I bought my last swimsuit and I was still working off some baby weight back then, so there aren’t good memories attached to it (you mamas know what I mean). It’s a tankini and nothing is wrong with it per se, it’s just not incredibly flattering.

I went looking through the bathing suits and threw three one piece suits (two were the same in a different size) in my cart and walked to check out. There is no way I was going to put myself through trying on a bathing suit with those dressing room mirrors and bad lighting. No thank you.

I took them home and tried on the first one. And it was love at first sight. It definitely shows more chest area than I prefer, but it boosts my girls right up, instead of flattening them in an unflattering tube like my tankini.

I looked at the tag and realize it’s made by Assets which is a version of Spanx.


I really wish someone would have told me this ten years ago. I would have possibly attended a lot more pool parties sans board shorts and t-shirt. 😉

No wonder I feel so incredibly sexy! It hugs/lifts in all the right places and is a HUGE boost of confidence to this mother of two.

If you need a bathing suit for this summer, I urge you to look at Target. You can buy the same one as me online here. (I got a Large and normally wear a 10-12.)

Happy Fashion Friday!

Making Pajama Pants Trendy

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court 1My friend Courtney has her own style. And let me tell you…she rocks it! She showed up to my house in this outfit and I am amazed. There is no chance I would ever even think about wearing pants like that, but she did and she made them work. In fact, she confessed to me that she wanted to wear pajama pants and these seemed like a classier alternative (Note: These are REAL pants, NOT pajama pants). So the moral of the day is:

“If you want to wear something, just DO IT and WEAR IT WITH CONFIDENCE!”

Although it does help that she has this adorable, tiny little body. 😉

Mourning The Loss Of Instagram

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green skirt 1 green skirt 2(Earrings: Cookie Lee  Shirt: Old Navy  Skirt:  Shoes: Thrifted by a sweet friend)

If I were to name my favorite app of all time, it would be Instagram. Without a doubt. Who couldn’t love a place where people display beautiful pictures of their day? There’s no bickering or bashing (*cough Twitter cough*), it’s not confusing and not full of “so and so’s friend liked this picture” (I’m so sick of Facebook).

But it makes me think and mourn for a time that I didn’t have Instagram. I really wish I had had it the day I met my husband back on the beach when we were barely legal adults and I fell in love immediately with his gorgeous face. Or when we got married. How awesome is it that other people can take a picture of an event, add a hashtag, therefore making it incredibly simple to just scroll through all the pictures of your lovely day?! #jesseandrenasbigday would have been one stellar hashtag. I guess I will just have to keep those lovely memories in my head and move past my mourning. *sigh*

If you ARE on instagram, you can find me at _thegirlwiththesmile. 🙂