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Mourning The Loss Of Instagram

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green skirt 1 green skirt 2(Earrings: Cookie Lee  Shirt: Old Navy  Skirt:  Shoes: Thrifted by a sweet friend)

If I were to name my favorite app of all time, it would be Instagram. Without a doubt. Who couldn’t love a place where people display beautiful pictures of their day? There’s no bickering or bashing (*cough Twitter cough*), it’s not confusing and not full of “so and so’s friend liked this picture” (I’m so sick of Facebook).

But it makes me think and mourn for a time that I didn’t have Instagram. I really wish I had had it the day I met my husband back on the beach when we were barely legal adults and I fell in love immediately with his gorgeous face. Or when we got married. How awesome is it that other people can take a picture of an event, add a hashtag, therefore making it incredibly simple to just scroll through all the pictures of your lovely day?! #jesseandrenasbigday would have been one stellar hashtag. I guess I will just have to keep those lovely memories in my head and move past my mourning. *sigh*

If you ARE on instagram, you can find me at _thegirlwiththesmile. 🙂

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